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Public Animal Welfare Society

Ashtabula County Animal Protective League

Like you, we love animals - all animals. The animals we have in our own homes are all considered as members of our family – no "ifs, ands or buts". At the Ashtabula County Animal Protective League, we take that devotion, commitment and love for our own family members to the homeless dogs and cats of Ashtabula County. We appreciate your desire to help a homeless pet – whether by adopting, fostering, fundraising or volunteering in another capacity. It is because of people like YOU that the homeless pets have a chance at a life with a loving family in a real home.

With a full-time staff of 3 people and a part time staff of 6, plus up to a hundred volunteers, we strive to provide temporary shelter for upwards of 200 dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, in our facility on Green Road every day. Here we provide them with a safe environment, good nutrition, veterinarian care and socialization. We are committed to caring for the abandoned dogs and cats of the largest geographical county in Ohio with a limited budget, relying primarily on donations to operate the only animal shelter in Ashtabula County.
Our mission is simple – to provide temporary homes for the parentless pets of Ashtabula County until we can find them the best possible "furever" home. Along with this mission, we promote spay/neuter, responsible pet ownership and companion pet education.
There are several tabs on this webpage directing you to learn about the dogs and cats we have available for adoption, fostering, volunteer opportunities, fun and fundraising events and a Happy Tails page where you can see the pets that have been adopted. We also have a link to our Facebook page – where you can receive the most timely information – as well as our Twitter feed.
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers and may not be able to answer your phone call. We hope that many of your questions can be answered here. If not, please come by for a visit. We would love to see you and the homeless dogs and cats would love to spend some time with you!

Dogs Unlimited Rescue

26110 Emery Rd., Suite #250, Cleveland, OH 44128

"We differentiate ourselves by providing animals in our rescue with ONLY quality care and even though it may be costly, these animals deserve nothing less and that is why donations are so vitally important. Our vetting is very costly along the with other related expenses (rehabilitation, training, etc.) of the animals in our rescue."

Geauga Humane Society (Rescue Village)

15463 Chillicothe Rd. Russell Township, OH 44072  (440.338.4819)

It started with a vision of a more humane world and a down-to-earth devotion to saving animals from homelessness and harm.

Geauga Humane Society (GHS) has a proud history of being a leading animal welfare agency in northeast Ohio. We began our life-saving work in 1974 when GHS founder, Arlene MacDonald, and a small group of committed animal advocates embarked on a labor of love.

At the beginning the animals were sheltered in private homes. In 1980, GHS moved into the tiny 800 sq. ft. leased space on Merritt Road in Chardon, Ohio. What our original shelter lacked in size was made up for by a driving passion and enormous energy to better the lives of animals and to help educate people to have respect for all living things.

Our dreams were large. With leadership, and the generosity of thousands of people, including major donors and visionary foundations, we took a giant step. In 2001 GHS opened a new state-of-the-art 10,500 square foot facility on a 14 acre parcel of land on Chillicothe Road in Russell Township, Ohio. We named it Rescue Village.

Today Rescue Village is a vital center for animal welfare. You can learn about the hallmark programs and services we have established throughout this website. Building on the courageous and innovative spirit that brought us this far, we continue to embrace the vision of a world where the relationship between human beings and animals center on empathy and kindness.

Animals at Rescue Village are cared for until they find a new home, including those that are abused, sick or injured, those that may need behavior training, or those that simply need the gift of time. Animals are never euthanized due to age, special needs, or lack of space.

Our passion for combining professionalism with innovation, collaboration, and a great big heart runs through everything we do. All who come through these doors, be they four-legged or two-legged (or the occasional turtle or snake), are treated with respect.

Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village goes above and beyond for the animals and for the people of northeast Ohio. We started with a vision that continues to capture our imagination and fuel our efforts ~ look at us now and join with us on this journey!

Our mission

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds in loving homes for over eighteen years. To date we have placed more than 2000 dogs into homes where they have become members of the family.

Our Mission Statement

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio Was established in January of 1993 to find homes for retired racing greyhounds. Since our inception, we have placed more than 2000 greyhounds in loving homes. We retrieve retired or rejected greyhounds from the racing kennels, bring them to the kennel and prepare them for their new lives.

Upon arrival at GAO, each dog is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, heartworm-tested, receives a thorough dental cleaning, has a microchip implanted for permanent identification and has any other medical care he or she might need. Each dog is then evaluated to determine what type of home will be best for placement. Some of the factors considered include the activity level of each dog and family, whether there are children or other pets in the home, how long the family is away on a daily basis, and whether the family has a history of responsible pet ownership. We strive to ensure these gentle creatures are placed in homes where they will live safe and secure and be loved for the rest of their lives.

We believe, however, that adoption is but a "band-aid" on a very large wound. There can never be enough homes for all the dogs in need. For each greyhound that is placed, a dog somewhere will die because that home was taken. With an estimated 10-15 million unwanted animals abandoned or destroyed each year in this country, our goal, in addition to finding loving homes for these kind and gentle creatures, is to make the public aware of the enormity of the pet overpopulation problem and to encourage spaying and neutering of all pets. Therefore, we do not place greyhounds in homes where there are unaltered pets.

Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc. (G.R.I.N.)

We are a volunteer-staffed organization dedicated to finding forever homes for rescued golden retrievers giving those displaced goldens a new beginning; provide public education on responsible dog ownership and care.

Our Beginnings

G.R.I.N. was incorporated in 1992 by a group of golden enthusiasts who recognized the need to find good homes for the countless goldens who are euthanized each year for lack of a loving home with a caring family. The number of unwanted pets filling shelters, pounds, and humane societies is staggering, and the fate of these animals is, at best, depressing. The overwhelming fact is that almost 38% of these dogs are purebred. Thankfully, there are many other purebred enthusiasts who also realize the need to aid their own, and they are networking with us in an effort to help alleviate the burden that shelter workers are faced with daily. We are proud to continue the work they began.

Who We Are

Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc. (G.R.I.N.) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization totally staffed by volunteers and have over 600 active members. We serve Northeastern Ohio and many outlying surrounding areas that do not have a local golden rescue. Goldens come to us from various sources including shelters, pounds, strays and owner surrenders. G.R.I.N. is served by a Board of Trustees who are elected each year and are responsible for various teams within our organization. Our IFA Team is responsible for intake, foster homes and adoption for each G.R.I.N. golden. They work with our local vet partners to ensure that every G.R.I.N. dog has the necessary medical attention that is needed including all shots and preventative medicines as well as spayed or neutered before being placed in a forever home. To date, we have placed approximately 2,600 goldens in their forever homes.

G.R.I.N. is funded primarily through memberships and membership renewals, various fund-raising activities including our annual Golden Gala fundraiser, and donations from individuals while the balance comes from corporate matching, grants and affiliate giving programs. Every dollar earned for G.R.I.N. goes directly to the care and expense of our goldens and every donation is tax deductible.

What We Have Accomplished

Each year continues to bring challenges but the G.R.I.N. family continues to be there to provide the love and care needed to each dog that has come to us.  We have seen more goldens than ever who have been displaced for economic reasons and have taken in goldens for many reasons including owners who can no longer care for their goldens as well as from shelters with goldens who have been abandoned or strays.  Many of these goldens require extensive medical treatment due to serious wounds, injuries or health issues.   We are so grateful to the members and volunteers who work so hard to keep the G.R.I.N. mission before the public, and who give so generously to care for our goldens.  We appreciate the partnerships we share with some of the finest medical resources in our area, and their willingness to take on the many and varied needs of our dogs.

In addition to needs for medical care, we have taken in many dogs with behavioral issues recently.  This is not unique to G.R.I.N. – rescues across the country are experiencing a similar trend.  We are fortunate to be able to work with professional behaviorists and trainers to bring these great dogs to their full potential and adoptability.

The G.R.I.N. Board of Trustees is a working Board.  They oversee all the operations of G.R.I.N. on a day-to-day basis, as well as maintain the vision of G.R.I.N.’s present and future.  G.R.I.N. is continually seeking to improve in all areas, and some of the focus in the past and coming years include:  Sponsorship Program, Membership Education, Communications with the public and our members through various medium including videos of our goldens, Training and Behavior, and improving our processes for adoption and post adoption follow up.

G.R.I.N. is proud of the work we do each year, both in caring for our G.R.I.N. dogs and in maintaining a top-quality, efficient rescue organization!!  We encourage you to join and become part of a wonderful rescue organization.

Marilyn's Voice

P.O. Box 282  Mentor, OH 44061-0282

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for severely neglected and abused dogs from commercial kennels, puppy mills and other unfortunate situations; to eliminate the puppy mill industry in Ohio by raising awareness through education, outreach, protests and other events; to help individuals find responsible ways to acquire dogs as companion animals.

Please enjoy this video from 2008. Since we created this educational video, we have rescued nearly 850 dogs in need.

About Us

Marilyn’s Voice was founded in April of 2007 by Kristina Lange.  When the owners of the infamous Buckeye Dog Auction announced its sale and relocation to Geauga County, Kristina stepped up to the plate to organize a peaceful protest against the auction, known to cater to puppy mills from Ohio and throughout the United States.  After further research, and from her own experience in owning two puppy mill rescues (Marilyn Monrow and Jackie-O), the horrors of what these dogs and puppies go through at the mills and auctions became devastatingly clear.  She was further appalled to learn her own state of Ohio is one of the worst states in the number of these puppy mills. Kristina vowed to dedicate her life to fighting this despicable practice.

Through the pressure of city officials, the media, and members of the upcoming protest, the Geauga Dog Auction was cancelled.  Unfortunately, the Buckeye Dog Auction then returned to Holmes County. 

Now that they’d begun the fight, and with a great victory behind them, Kristina and her supporters formed “Marilyn’s Voice.”  The group is named after Kristina’s rescue, Marilyn, whose vocal cords were cut while she was still at a puppy mill.  Such debarking is a common practice in these situations to keep a large number of dogs quiet. The members of Marilyn’s Voice promise continue to educate the public about the puppy mill problem in Ohio.

As for Marilyn Monrow and Jackie-O, both girls had health, socialization, behavioral, trust, and housebreaking issues when they first came to Kristina in February of 2006. Jackie-O continues to overcome these issues.

Marilyn became a certified therapy dog with TDI (Therapy Dogs International). Marilyn loved visiting patients at the hospital and nursing homes where sometimes they are sick, in pain, lonely or depressed. Because she, herself, had felt all of these emotions, she could quickly sympathize. Marilyn had a special gift of instantly making others feel loved.

Sadly, Marilyn passed away on November 13, 2007. Her vocal cords had been cut in the puppy mill causing irrepairable damage to her trachea. The subsequent buildup of scar tissue led to her untimely death. We, the volunteers of Marilyn's Voice, are now, and always will be, her voice.

Multiple Breed Rescue (MBR)

MBR is a small group of people who try to help as many puppies and dogs that have been displaced through no fault of their own.  The majority of our dogs come from Kill shelters in the state of Ohio on or around the day they are going to be euthanized to make space for more dogs. We also work with local humane officers to take dogs from homes where they are being abused or mistreated.  ALL of our dogs are given all proper vet care including but not limited to spayed/neutered, all shots, heartworm tested, micro-chipped and kept on flea/heartworm prevention.

We are NOT a shelter but a foster home network so all of our dogs live in someone’s home until they can be placed in a loving FURever home. We operate 100% on volunteers and donations. We are a registered non profit 501(c) 3.

Since 2006 we have rescued over 1100 dogs in need!

MBR is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 956.06 Animal Rescue License.

No person shall operate an animal rescue for dogs without first registering with the director of agriculture in accordance with rules under section 956.03 of the Revised Code. No registration fee shall be charged to an animal rescue for dogs. The director shall maintain a database of all persons that are registered to operate an animal rescue for dogs in this state.

The Pet Society The Pet Society

4066 east 81 st

Cleveland Ohio 44105

The Pet Society

4066 east 81 st

4066 East 81st Street, Cleveland Ohio 44105Rescue  is  Our way of Life!

The Pet Society is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in May of 2002.  We rescue abandoned, abused and injured dogs; rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered; and find them loving adoptive homes. To increase public awareness of the companion animal overpopulation issue and provide solutions to end the killing of adoptable animals. The Pet Society works ceaselessly to give abandoned dogs another chance in life.Each and EVERY dog taken in, gets spayed or neutered, and given any medical treatment necessary. 

We work patiently to re-acclimatize fearful dogs to the loving care of a human, so that they may eventually be adopted. In some cases, these dogs have never had a kind word or touch, and it is a slow process. After determining temperaments and compatibility factors, we begin that long search for the perfect home.

We are 501 C non-profit all-volunteer animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals and educating the community on responsible pet ownership. We save dogs from high-kill shelters in Ohio. The shelters we work with are in low-income rural areas where hundreds of adoptable dogs are euthanized due to overpopulation problems, lack of spay/neuter education and inadequate funding. With the help of our dedicated volunteers and supporters, TPS rescues as many of these pups as possible.

PAWS-4- A- CAUSE Rescue Organizations