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Public Animal Welfare Society

Memorials 2 More…

PAWS Happy Tails

One cold night in the middle of  winter, Laura, a PAWS volunteer, received a desperate phone call from a young man standing in a parking lot in Chagrin Falls. He and his girlfriend had just found a small, black kitten who was meowing hungrily for food and warmth. They were directed to drive the kitten to the volunteer's home immediately, as a kitten outside would never survive the frigid night. The young lady tucked the kitten inside her coat to warm him and the couple raced to Lyndhurst. Upon arrival the volunteer was amazed at how friendly and purry the kitten was, dubbing him Mario (Andretti) because of his little race car purr motor. Mario was soon placed in foster mom Debra's home where he was transported for vet care and neutering, and then loved up for a few days. A local adoptothan was scheduled for the weekend and Mario was to make an appearance. He met his forever family that very day!

You can read what his new family has to say…

In 2011, after having just lost our 18 yr old cat, Zoe, to kidney failure we not ready for another cat quite yet.  Our daughter, Sydney, who was 6 at the time, absolutely loved the cat and was heartbroken.  She was so sad and really wanted another cat to love. She asked continuously every day to get a new cat and promised she'd be responsible for it.   To prove her responsibility she made up Cat Sitting flyers, passed them out in the neighborhood and picked up several clients in the area.  She also finagled her way into doing an internship with the local veterinarian and even gave up a birthday party and presents in lieu of volunteering at Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah.  She continued to persist an ask for a cat. We thought we could fill her need with a different and perhaps "lower maintenance" animals so we tried bearded dragon lizards, chinchillas and hermit crabs but nop on heads and chests and refuses be ignored.  If we are reading a book, he will stand on it until he gets his cuddles first. If we  are trying to type, he'll stand on the keyboard.  If we are talking he will maneuver himself right into the conversation.  He also follows around our 11 year old dog, Cali, and loves to kiss nose to nose with her and sleep with her cuddled up on her back.  He also allows himself to be held and loved by all three kids ages 4, 6 and 8 and even enjoys wearing his pinstriped suit and sweater vest.


When I called Debra the other day she was concerned there was a problem or that we wanted to return him.  We explained that it was just the opposite. We wanted to thank her and PAWS for one of the greatest gifts our family has ever received... the most PURR-fect cat.

Sydney & Stacy